Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Additional guidelines concerning food and water

As I've said on many occasions, by carefully nurturing nine areas of our lives, we are able to promote balance, health and longevity.  Those nine areas are the way we eat, the way we hydrate ourselves, the way we breathe, the way we stretch and move our bodies, the way that we sleep, the way we properly regulate our elimination, maintaining proper hygiene, our ability to accept when things don't go our way, and  the way we nurture our souls bringing the  joy that comes with acquiring knowledge.

Briefly, I want to share with you some additional important ways reflect upon how we eat, and how to properly hydrating ourselves.


 One of the ten principles of Jewish medicine is "Sur Me'ra, va'ase Tov"(turn away from evil and do good).  From this principle we learn that as important as healthy eating is, even more important is what NOT to eat! 

As I wrote in my blog article entitled:
"8 guidelines for guaranteed digestive health, healing and (if desired) weight loss!"

If one sincerely will follow the guidelines on how and how not to eat, I guarantee that if they want to, they will  lose 2 lbs of fat (the right kind of weight loss, not water or muscle!) weekly, and even if they do not want to lose weight, they will heal their digestive tract.
I want to add two simple memory aids that will complement what is written in that article: avoid the five whites, and avoid the 5 Cs.: White flour, white sugar, ALL dairy products, white potatoes (without the skin)  and processed white rice, as well as Corn, cold foods, carbonation, coffee and chocolate.  Though some of these are obvious, others you might find difficult to understand, so feel free to contact me should you need explanation.


Human beings are 70% water, and because of  its enormous influence, the body can  easily become get out of balance and become dehydrated.  Those of you who are patients of mine know that as a confirmational  tool, I use Applied Kinesiology (AK) in determining food sensitivities or therapeutic formulas,   although I do not diagnose with  AK,as there are halachic problems doing so, according the the great scholar, decisor and kabbalist, Rabbi Yitzchok Meir Morganstern.  One of the problems and criticisms of AK is the question of its accuracy and consistency.  What I have found through experience, though, is that if a patient is properly hydrated, and the fluid is properly distributed throughout his body, then the degree of accuracy dramatically increases. The problem is that virtually all patients ARE dehydrated!

 To initially determine if a patient is dehydrated. I have the patient stand in front of me,  holding in his left hand,  his arm at his side, a bottle of Xiao Yao Wan  (a medicine that I have found  to be universally non-reactive,).  He pronates and extends his right hand focusing on extending it, while not leaning his body, and not allowing his elbow to bend. Also, specifically the patient is told to not resist upward.  Light pressure is applied to the forearm at the olecranon crease and if the  patient is properly hydrated, then the arm will remain strong and he'll be able to easily resist without the elbow bending. If he  is dehydrated or has to urinate, though,  he will not be able to resist gentle downward pressure.  In that the case, then first, he needs to urinate.   Then,  he needs to drink water, sometimes as much as a pint or more, until the arm is strong enough to resist. But sometimes, even if properly hydrated, the arm strength is still weak.  This  indicates that  the body's fluid is not being distributed properly.  To correct this, I have the patient do seven Qi Gong exercises, which should resolve the distribution problem, after which I should be able to  accurately check his foods and medicines. here are the seven  Qi Gong exercises, that I recommend doing.   If you ever feel dehydrated and fatigued, first drink adequate water and then invest five minutes to do these exercises.  You will feel the difference, I guarantee it!

1.  Give yourself 20 karate chops bringing together the two hypothenar eminences (the soft part of the outside of both hands, between the pinky and the wrist).

2.  With the second and third fingers of your dominant hand make 20 clockwise circles between the two nipples of the chest.
3.  20 times circumscribe the breasts, starting with your dominant hand on top of the other hand, placing them on the zyphoid process of the sternum, at the bottom of the middle of the rib cage, then going up, hands together to your collar bone, and around the breasts, completing a cycle by bringing the hands back together.
4,  Make 20 small clockwise circles from the point three inches below the umbilicus
5.  Find the spot halfway between the umbilicus and the illiac crest (the hip bone) on both sides.  It should be tender.  On both sides, make 20 simultaneous circles inward.
6.  Hyperflex your wrist and place your radial styloid (the wrist bone on the thumb side) of both wrists in the small of your back, and make 20 circles in an outward direction.
7.  After completing the six Qi Gong exercises, spank yourself twenty time going up and down from the small of your back to you buttocks.