Sunday, April 26, 2009

The safety of vaccinations-and an alternative

As a practitioner of Jewish medicine, I must always consider whether my actions will please
The Holy One Blessed Be He, and whether what I do as a physician or recommend to my patients could cause harm. It is in this light that I consider the important question that every new parent is challenged with: "Should I vaccinate my child?" Though, on the one hand I think that it is a gross generalization to claim that all autoimmune disease and diseases of civilization result from or have a relationship to vaccinations, nonetheless, it is folly to take their potential danger lightly.

Though grounded on the logical basis, of introducing to the immune system an attenuated pathogen so as to stimulate an immune memory, and prepare it for the next exposure, both the medium in which the vaccine is delivered and the substances contained within mainstream vaccinations are problematic. Richard Moskowitz, MD has written extensively on the problem of shots. He contends that if the mode of transmission of the vaccine mimicked nature, it wouldn't be so harmful. But how many communicable diseases enter the bloodstream directly, by injection, going past the body's layers of defense? None! They are transmitted through the upper orifices (nose, mouth, and perhaps the ears), the lower orifices (anus, urinary, and reproductive tracts), or through broken skin. Does this powerful introduction of pathogens directly to the deepest levels of the immune system traumatize it, and later cause immune dysfunction? I'm not sure, but I wouldn't discount the possibility. Furthermore, consider for a moment what is contained within vaccines: mercury, formaldehyde, putrified proteins, and, believe it or not, anti-freeze!

How can the introduction of such toxic poisons in such an aggressive manner be beneficial to a small child whose immune system is so delicate? In my opinion, it is completely innapropriate! Once a child hits 5 years old, and assuming he is healthy, then the decision to vaccinate becomes an easier one. But the witchhunt that Western biomedical physicians, along with their stooges in government and the school systems have carried out against parents choosing not to vaccinate, is criminal, as far as I am concerned. The studies showing that vaccines are not related to auto-immune function are flawed and no more valid than saying that a particular herb or acupuncture point works or doesn't work to treat headaches or gout. For a study to be valid, ALL of the subjects need to have the same differential diagnosis, similar constitutions and preferably also be within the same age group. It isn't enough to have the studies just placebo controlled and double blind. Personally, neither my baby who is now 25 years old, nor my grandson who will be 1 next month have been vaccinated. Our choice, again, was based upon a cost to benefit ratio. And my intuition is, that even if valid double blind, placebo controlled test have vindicated the safety of vaccines, just the thought of injecting putrid proteins preserved with mercury into my child's vascular system would make me cringe. It is informative, that Louis Pasteur, at the end of his life acknowledged that Bechamp was right: that it is the terrain and not the microbe which causes illness. That's my conclusion. I would encourage parents to make their decision whether and when to vaccinate, in an unrushed, unemotional, unbiased and informed manner. Don't be intimidated by hyperbole or scare tactics. Rely on intuition and listen to your inner voice of wisdom. And certainly wait, at the very least until your child is 5 years old.

But there is another aspect to principle #2 of TJM, "Sur me'ra va'ase tov" (turn away from bad and do good). As important as it is to do no harm, it is equally important to promote balance and build up your child's internal milieu with proper nutrition, exercise, air, sleep and joy. The goal of all medicine should be, to be obsolete. If a patients is in balance, then they won't need medicine, herbs or acupuncture, will they?

Oh, and by the way, there is another alternative which is certainly non-toxic, and from what I have read, quite effective: homeopathic immunizations. You can read about that option in the excellent book, "Vaccine Free Prevention and Treatment of Infectious Contagious Disease with Homeopathy: A Manual for Practitioners and Consumers," by Kate Birch, ISBN #ISBN 1425118690.

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