Monday, March 29, 2010

Chinese herbs contraindicated during Pesach (passover)

Dear Friends,

As I have in the last two years, as a public service, I am posting the list of Chinese herbs that are contraindicated for observant Jews during the 8 day (7 for those living in Israel) festival of Pesach, which begins tomorrow evening (Monday) at sunset. During this holiday, Jews refrain from consuming or benefitting from certain leavened grain products known as Chametz. (Ch is pronounced as in Chanuka and not as in child) Below is a list of Chinese herbs that are intrinsically Chametz or are processed in a manner which renders them Chametz and are therefore not recommended (Know that this list has been made based to the best of my knowledge, and is in know way authoritative or the last word. Though the medicinal substances listed below, are definitely, and in all circumstances Chametz, there my be other substances or herbs that inadvertantly have left out):

1. E Jiao-Equus Asinus
2. Shu Di Huang (note that Sheng Di Huang is OK)- Rehmannia Glutinosa
3. Chuan Xiong-Ligusticum
4. Rou Cong Rong-Cistanche
5. Gui Ban Jiao-Chinemys Reevesii
6. Yi Yi Ren-Coix (often substituted with pearl barley)
7. Mai Ya-germinated barley
8. Da Mai Miao-Barley sprouts
9. Yi Tang-maltose
10. Fu Xiao Mai-light wheat
11. Lu Jiao Jiao-Cervus Nippon
12. Shen Qu-Massa Fermenta
13. Huang Jing-Polygonatum

Should any of you know of any other substances which are Chametz, I would encourage you to let me know. Also, be aware that any medicines in pill form containing these ingredients definitely are problematic to the observant Jewish consumer.

Of course it goes without saying, that this list is only addressing the issue of Chometz, and not other issues relating to Kashrut (Jewish dietary laws). Feel free to contact me should you have any questions.

Wishing everyone a happy and healthy holiday season.

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