Wednesday, November 21, 2012

etiology pathogenesis and treatment of Dementia and Alzheimer's

This past weekend I attended a seminar given by the  Upledger institute  on Craniosacral Therapy of Longevity and Reversal of the Aging Process.  On the first day, the presenter made a statement that deeply moved me, and is prompting me to get unstuck, change the topic of my Capstone dissertation and complete my DAOM.  He stated that research has shown that 40% of Alzheimer's patients coincidentally suffer from diabetes and many others from other inflammatory diseases and processes.  By promoting the production and flow of cerebral spinal fluid (CSF), CranioSacral therapists have (validated by published studies one of which was a pilot study that the presenter conducted funded by the NIH) demonstrated a reversal of Alzheimer's symptoms. The presenter was Michael Morgan, LMT CST-D.   Based upon his conversations and studies with the late John Upledger, DO,  he theorized that inflammatory "hot spots" in the body caused by any number of  precipitants such as diabetes, musculo-skeletal diseases,  cardiovascular disease, digestive dysfunction, cancer and chemo and radiation treatments, and the sequela of surgery and medications among others causes, connect over time, accelerate the inflammatory response, percolate upward (inflammation involves heat, and heat rises upward in the body, right?) and compromise and cross the Blood Brain Barrier leading to Dementia and Alzheimer's.  It seemed to me that this complements beautifully the  two theories of aging that I am aware of in Chinese medical theory--those of Blood Stasis and depletion of  Yin manifesting as severe Yin and Jing Vacuity, for what is the CSF if not a form of Yin and Blood?  

My idea is, therefore, to explore these and other theories of aging in the Chinese Medical literature, come up with an anti-inflammatory treatment protocol, and perhaps even conduct a study to determine its efficacy in the diminution of symptoms. 

If anyone can direct me to specific additional research or studies that would support this premise I would be very grateful.     

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