Monday, December 2, 2013

Thank you

Thank you all so very much! Many of you have written to me privately The Jewish sages tell us that we humans are indeed different than any other creation, and what makes us different? It is the gift that we are given of speech articulating from our mouths, taking our thoughts, some of which get stuck (the source of most psychological disorders) and bringing them out through our mouths. As  Rebbe Nachman says, this is connecting Chochma to Malchus.  Sometimes it's reflected in talking to each other with sensitivity and connectivity, sometimes it's expressed in personal prayer with our beloved Maker, sometimes it's crying, sometimes it's screaming, sometimes it's laughing, and sometimes it's simply singing or humming a melody.  But just as we are told that He created the world with power of speech so too we who are in His image, and are G-dly (and goodly) when we share, when we talk, when we thank and when we comfort.  I often read out loud written  sentiments that are sent to me for that very reason, and it is also for that reason that I don't have texting on my phone.  Again, thank you all for your sweetness and love. As Chana enriched, refined, changed and matured me (Chen Pi (aged tangerine peel)is less harsh than Qing Pi (immature tangerine peel), so too, at least for me, time and connecting has made life so much smoother and really very sweet (good for the spleen(the digestive function)!      

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